August 15th 2015

Love knows no borders

Saturday the 15th of august 2015 we take the next step in our lives, a journey that started 6 years ago. Based on a friendship built through laughter and trust a love blossomed up which neither oceans nor national borders could stop.

Our chemistry is undeniable. When we met we quickly became greatest of friends and nothing has been able to break our connection and care for one another. Being friends and so much more, the joy we feel together is something we want to hold on to forever.

To share something already so beautiful and adding love is a feeling words can’t describe, but the 15th we will try our best to do just that, as we become husband and wife. We are excited about our future and hope you will join us in celebrating our love for each other.


– Gabriella & Kenneth

The Wedding

Ishøj kirke

The Ceremony

15:00 Ishøj Bygade 83A, 2635 Ishøj

The Reception

16:00 Ishøj Bygade 82, 2635 Ishøj

Where to stay

We would like to recommend two options out of a great selection of hotels in the Copenhagen area. The first hotel, Zleep in Ishøj, we recommend to those with a lower budget and/or would like to stay close to the party. For those who would prefer to live in the city we recommend First Hotel Mayfair, which lies very close to the central station.

Click the names of the hotels for more information.

How to get there

From Copenhagen Central station (København H) the A-line towards Køge st will take you to Ishøj station, it usually runs every 10 minutes from track 11-12. The ride takes around 20-25 minutes. At Ishøj station bus 127 towards Taastrup st. will take you to Ishøj skole, which is right next to the church. The bus ride takes approximately 20 minutes and runs every hour.
Alternatively one can take a taxi from Ishøj station, this takes roughly 9 minutes.

To get exact times, ticket prices and similar assistance on the train/bus ride, go to
To get more info about taking a taxi for some or all of the journey, consider checking out

Will you be joining us?


 Yes, see you there! No, unfortunately not


When it comes to gifts we’d appreciate anything and everything. We do not have an elaborate list of things we lack. One thing we would have great use for though, would be a contribution towards getting us rolling; a car.


Toastmaster Lisa Agerskov Jensen has most generously accepted the task of keeping the evening structured. If you have something you wish to add to the evening, please contact her on email: or phone: +45 21 56 18 14


We have no actual dress code. Therefore all colors are options and for the ladies you may wear something long aswell as short. We are hoping to enjoy a lovely summer wedding, and all we want is for you to be comfortable and happy.


Thank you Emelie for lending us your wonderful eye for design! You have a heart of gold!

Want to see how the invitations were made? Click here!

G: +45 26 74 89 99
K: +45 22 39 79 74